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Been adding 1100 minutes yearly for about 7 years for about 0.00. Looking at phone and bank charge, I only got 800 minutes for .72. We just refilled for first time with a store bought card - 120 minutes. NO WAY it took almost 2 months to use first batch of minutes. Transferred me to a "department" which got me a recording to write a letter - A sworn testimonial letter they gave me wording for it - and the back of phone info. I got a birthday card from Trac Fone saying that I can get 30 minutes extra for purchasing a 60 minute or above card by the end of August. However, I only got 60 minutes that I bought with the card and another 60 minutes that I was supposed to get.

Have never been successful doing it on the internet, so always called in. Called back, asked for supervisor, and tried to correct. I had an absolutely awful experience dealing with Trac Fone. Turns out in the fine print the phone was branded to Trac Fone and has to be used with the company for one year for it to be unlocked. I understand that some companies lock phones for a certain period of time. just to get how these minutes got used - They have no record I am told of numbers called or received. My phone then told me to call Tracfone back to complete the transaction (I didn't see the 30 minute extra).

The following instructions use examples for our Amateur Radio Partners.

The instructions assume you have completed all the necessary steps in obtaining a valid NWSChat account and have the account name and password in your possession.

Still waiting and to make things worse the person on the phone is no longer even trying to help since I asked for a supervisor, her only role now is to stay on the phone and tell me to "bear with me" the manager is helping someone else.

Or that the starting price of 9 for an i Phone 3G S is really more like in 1982 dollars.

Did I mention that that the 3G S fits in your pocket?

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