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“What’s important is that they read.” Help them set individual goals. “I had a nephew who was super distracted because he had a minute limit,” she said.To help your children become avid readers, help them set and reach goals for daily and weekly reading. “So they changed it and he had to read two chapters so he wasn’t so distracted by the time limit.” Don’t punish; incentivize.outh of the Alberta town where she was born, a teenaged Cindy Gladue and two friends found themselves stranded one summer night when the Edmonton transit train they were riding unexpectedly went out of service several kilometres from home. Gladue had lived in the prairie capital since she was young and knew they were in a precarious situation: It was dark, they had no taxi fare and they were at the eastern edge of the so-called stroll, a stretch of an avenue north of downtown where johns seek out prostitutes.She feared she and her indigenous girlfriends would either be mistaken for sex workers, assaulted, or picked up by police and returned to angry, worried parents. She wanted to beat the odds in her family and go to university.But the Métis woman’s other dreams were never realized. Gladue, a 36-year-old sex worker who abused drugs and alcohol, was found lifeless in a bathtub at a motel on the Yellowhead Highway.

The Dent County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted in the investigation.“A Dent County sheriff’s detective was investigating online child pornography and came across images that were connected to Jokubeit’s IP address,” Ledford said. Jokubeit had amassed a large collection of child pornography, Acting United States Attorney Tom Larson stated. Jokubeit, 36, Warrensburg, to eight years and one month in federal prison without parole.No connection between the job and his collection is evident.“He was a manny for about nine years.This was in Hollywood, California,” a spokesman for the U. District Attorney’s Office, Don Ledford, said Tuesday. A social media site suggests that, after he returned to Warrensburg from California in 2014, he worked at Hastings.

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Degerstrom said he’s snapped photographs of nude women for more than 20 years. Still, he kept it quiet, promising his models he wouldn’t sell the photographs to pornographic magazines.

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  1. The court heard Plumridge, using the pseudonym "Max Smith", initiated contact with the detective who was posing as 13-year-old "Erin Sinclair" under the user name "Erin Princess Baby" on a Yahoo chatroom in December 2005.