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Mobile hotspots allow you to take your Wi-Fi connection with you wherever you go.

Today, nearly every cell phone carrier has several different mobile hotspot plans and solutions available.

In order to take advantage of one of these plans, you need to purchase both a hotspot device and pay for a monthly coverage plan.

However, not all mobile hotspots are the same; they tend to differ in terms of features and capabilities.

The app developer expects subscriber base will grow further now that Hinge is back on the Play Store.Wi-Fi is getting pretty widespread, but it’s no replacement for a cellular connection, so hopefully T-Mo gets this issue resolved quickly.John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school.T-Mobile says that it hopes to have the problem fixed “soon.” So what do you do in the mean time?T-Mobile recommends using Wi-Fi calling for your communication needs.

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