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Please make sure you have all the documents in place before applying for the same as these officials will ask lots of documents....- Suman [View Message] According to me one should not be worried of this if they have all the basic documents in place as for adopting no special documents are required and no other legal formalities are been done, so please relax and just focus on the adoption....To a young Tamil Singaporean woman like me, the concept of racism is nothing new or inconceivable.Nonetheless, it wasn’t until I started going out with my fiancé, who happens to be Caucasian, that I began to see a new side to racial discrimination in Singapore.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.The surprised looks by strangers were one thing, but the harsh comments made to me by fellow Indians, especially men, implying that I had somehow betrayed Indian men as a collective, came as quite a shock to me.I have been trying to grapple with this response and believe it all boils down, as do most issues, to racism and sexism.Titled "Dangerous Love," the 16-panel, comic book-like poster tells the story of an attractive young Chinese civil servant nicknamed Xiao Li, or Little Li, who meets a red-headed foreign man at a dinner party and starts a relationship.The man, David, claims to be a visiting scholar, but he actually is a foreign spy who butters Xiao Li up with compliments on her beauty, bouquets of roses, fancy dinners and romantic walks in the park.

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