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That'd give everyone a good idea of my experience of the holiday." I pretended to ignore him, his comment was of course a reference to the other troubles we'd been having.

With all the travelling and the small hotels we'd been staying in we'd either fallen asleep almost immediately or had next to no privacy in our room.

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And adjoins the souk where hours of bargain hunting and haggling will disappear in a flash.

It is a place full of entertainment, noise, bikes, donkeys and whole families on one motorbike.

I took some photos of the surreal scenery but it never seemed the same on the tiny screen. I caught him in the act, "One for the album" I noted.

He sighed disapprovingly and said "Why don't you take one of yourself being a pain in the arse.

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As we turned out of the final bend in the road bringing us to the bottom of the hill, the bush-dotted sandy land stretched flatly out in front of us for miles.

The craggy red mountains formed an almost alien horizon around us; it was like being in the bottom of a giant martian crater. No-one wants to flick through thousands of photos of rocks and trees." "We've got a few more left yet, you know." I replied, "We might squeeze a couple more on this fancy new digital camera film." He didn't reply to my sarcasm, except to poke his tongue out at me in mock-irritation.

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The landmark in Marrakech is Djemma-al-Fnaa, the giant central square where all human life is to be found.

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