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They are all dreadfully unsuitable (and often slightly unhinged) leaving the poor interviewer traumatized to some degree. I've got X-Ray vision and telepathy and I kill superpeople -- for money.

This may be a job interview, a performance audition, speed-dating, or any number of situations.

A sub trope of the Travelling Salesman Montage, specifically of the job interview iteration.

However, that trope focuses on the interviewer, whereas in Terrible Interviewees Montage, the interviewees are the problem.

Using his new powers, Blake defeated the invaders and decided to become a superhero in his native New York City, keeping the secret even from his love interest, Nurse Jane Foster.I made my way into the pub, exchanged for a name-tag that stubbornly refused to adhere to my clothing, and headed directly to the bar.Armed with a drink (2), I wandered into the crowd and tried not to act like a terrified alien.and continued featuring the tales of the surviving Asgardians.Until issue #513 (October, 1997), where the Asgardians' tales concluded.

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