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The Guitar Dater Project for Gibson Guitars returned the following information bases on the this basses serial number: Guitar Info, Your guitar was made at the Kalamazoo Plant, USA, October 12nd, 1977.

Production Number: 88 According to Wikipedia this bass, “…introduced in 1973 along with the Gibson Ripper.

When it came to electric basses, Michigan-based Gibson spent the ’50s playing follow the leader to California’s Fender.

So it’s a touch ironic that while Fender made only one model in that decade (the Precision), Gibson introduced three – the violin-shaped solidbody Electric Bass in 1953, the semi-hollow EB-2 in ’58, and the solidbody EB-0, which replaced the Electric Bass in ’59.

Strangely, this 1977 Gibson Grabber may actually buck the trend.Likewise, some saw the EB-3 as an upgraded/two-pickup EB-0 (which, incidentally, was given an pointed-double-cutaway SG-shaped body in ’61), but the reality was there was much more to both.Like the EB-0, the EB-3 had a mahogany body and neck, and the 301/2″ scale shared by all Gibson basses at the time.The antennae of many guitar collectors/enthusiasts pop up when they encounter a Gibson-made instrument bearing a six-digit serial number with “Made In The USA” embossed on the back of its headstock.Gibson used the six-digit/Made In The USA serial number system from 1970 through a portion of 1975 – the half-decade considered one of the company’s worst eras in terms of design innovation and manufacturing quality.

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