Steam achivements not updating Amateur homemade nudist camp photo pages

Even if it returned the correct value I wrote, the achievement is still unlocked immediately. Achievement is immediately unlocked when passing 0.1f.

I will try your C snippet and see if I get a different result... For the record, I'll document what I did in the code.

Occasionally there may be issues with attaining certain achievements - in these cases, you will need to wait for a patch addressing this problem in order to attain them.

Very rarely certain achievements will be reset or adjusted, typically following a patch that is intended to fix issues with that achievement.

We'll need to dig in deeper to find out the exact cause and then resolve it, however it's difficult to tell how long this resolution might take.

If you would like to ensure that your achievements are tracked correctly, please do not play your game in any of these modes.

Unfortunately, that means they will not appear later when everything returns back to normal.

This is what I would assume first would be the culprit.

Is it possible that you could've lost connection to Steam at the time you acquired the Terror Gauntlet (I don't have the game so I don't know what triggers this)?

If so, it may have missed that "trigger" and it would not have registered with Steam.

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I've associated my achievement in steam with a stat (0-100).

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