Unit 6 earth forces relative dating

Divide the fourth wall into tenths, each tenth representing one hundred million years.

Explain to the students that the scale is not exactly correct, but the numbers are so large that it will give them a good idea of relative time periods.

The Zingy NGSS middle school program is made up of 55 units, each unit covering a specific NGSS performance expectation.

A unit is made up of a number of lessons, with a quiz following each lesson.

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Instruct students to include simple line drawings of their organisms on the cards.

(They may draw microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, as if seen under the lens of a microscope.)Use narrow paper to create a frieze going around all four walls of your room, explaining that students will use the frieze to create their time line.

(light brown) Next, fossil-rich sedimentary rocks were precipitated.

These rocks are tilted due to deposition on the non-horizontal surfaces of primitive rocks.

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This lesson plan is designed so that your child can complete the chapter in five days.

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