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On-line dating sites will ask the user to set up a profile and attach a photo.

Scammers will use the site to create very attractive sounding profiles and attach a gorgeous profile picture.

Ms Ward has carved a niche among the legion of dating-service providers by targeting WA’s wealthy and those committed to finding love.

Her clients fork out 00, ,000 or ,000 for Ms Ward to tee up the ideal partner.

They might send the victim a gift and shower them with affection.Ms Ward and her associates are legally bound to find someone a match, and their service includes more than setting up dates.“We conduct an interview to get to know a person, we get information on how they date and we coach them on how to date,” she said.“You don’t have to be a millionaire to join my service — what you have to do is understand the value of having a matchmaker and be committed to the process.”Recent research from IBIS World indicates Australia’s dating services industry is dominated by online players, with 46.4 per cent of market share compared to matchmaking at 9.6 per cent.SIU blog: Scammers, be gone "What a lowlife he was, trying to actually portray a soldier that had died in the war," Chapman said. The best solution, he said, is to get the word out. Through his blog, he warns unsuspecting victims and soldiers and tracks the scammers, who he said are likely based in western Africa. After capturing the attention of a woman online with a fake profile of a man in uniform, the scam artist teases the victim with chocolates, flowers and teddy bears. CNN contacted the Browning family in Astoria, Oregon, after learning that the photo of their fallen son had been used in the online romance scam. Brian Browning's father, Perry Browning, didn't take the news lightly."I had fallen for him, and he had ran with it and taken me for not only my money, (but) my heart." Grey said the military can't do anything to stop the scam because U. Soon after sending the gifts, the impostor starts asking for money to pay for Internet or phone service. "It makes me madder now more than anything, because some scumbag is using my son's good name and honor to pillage women," Browning said.

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No matter what our age, background or relationship status, we’re all connected by one common theme – our quest to find love.

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