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“The answer is yes, we are dating, and we are a little bit more than dating because I am completely in love with her.” The class erupted into squeals and laughter and he had to yell, “Quiet, please,” several times before he could pop the question, as seen in the now-viral video taken by a fellow teacher.

“I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs.

She was going to meet Karma, Nagisa, and Kayano out at a cafe for lunch, it being their annual thing.

In team-based learning, students are provided Power Point presentations or other lectures before in-person class meetings.The groom-to-be planned the surprise proposal well in advance, and even invited her parents and sister to the school.“They waited in the hallway until I was about to propose,” Seifert tells Us Weekly.For years, students walked into class expecting a lecture by their professor, supplemented with a Power Point presentation and additional readings.However, emerging trends toward innovative teaching methods have persuaded many YSN professors to embrace new approaches, with the aim of improving the overall educational experience for students.

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