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“I cried for like three hours in happiness.”Wodark says Capaldo-Smith asked her dad for permission to marry her at her parents’ 25th anniversary party.

Her mom (who adorably sent the video of the proposal to 9NEWS) told her she had been counting down the days until the big moment.

Then, he pulled up his shorts, revealing a new tattoo with a drawing she had sketched on the table at dinner one night. He works at Tribe Tattoo on Santa Fe Drive in Denver.

A couple years later, they started dating – and now, they’re planning for a wedding next fall.“I was in complete shock,” Wodark said.

The 215 men among the participants rated the inked bods as more attractive than tattoo-free comparison models, which presumably reflects in part what they think women are looking for in an ideal male partner.

But the female participants didn’t rate the tattooed gentlemen as more attractive; moreover, they considered them worse prospects as partners and parents.

Ed, who sports a mammoth 60 tattoos himself, was soon left red-faced after Roman shared a close-up picture of the branding - which showcased the huge flaw.

The 24-year-old Capital FM presenter took to Instagram with a picture of him looking mortified and another close-up image of the tattoo which read: 'Ed woz ere 2k7,'- shaving a good ten years off the actual date.

Now that they’re set to spend the rest of their lives together, Wodark says not to expect this to be the last tattoo either of them get.“I’m sure there’s many to come,” she said.

The guy who Instagrams pictures of himself shirtless. The guy who spends like a drunken sailor — on his parents' dime.

Always moaning about your girlfriend's flaws over beer and then casually mentioning that my tits look great today? Butt-chugging the most Jose Cuervo at 5 PM on a Tuesday night is not a stable long-term life goal.

The guy with no ambition except to be the most fucked-up dude at the party. If it's just random letters of a foreign language that look cool, there is a good chance that it says "You're a Tool" in said language. The guy who brags about that one time he was arrested. Lets put it this way—are Elliott Stabler and Olivia Benson gonna be knocking on your door anytime soon?

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