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My name is Max, and i'm looking for friends speaking english. ..i need more comunication, and hope , u'll support me. my problem is that i am hoping to find someone in russia my father. I am 29 years old and work in the ingineering company. With the great pleasure I help you with Russian if you need. I want to find friends from England, USA, Russia for talking in English. I want to improve my English,in that cayse I want to find friends to help with this. I speak russian, english and french and I want to find people with whom I can hang out in bars and clubs in Moscow. Mail me: [email protected], and I'll answer any question. I miss my lunguage very much , and I desperatly need friends. My name is Dmytro, i'm from Ukraine, but right i live in the USA as an exchange student. I'm want to find a friend in Canada, both for interesting communication and increasing my english language level (and, maybe your russian). I'm from Moldova, a small country, located between Romania and Ukraine. I need a lot of practice, and have to speak with someone. i would be happy to share some my ideas and sense of humour with u. hope, we'll have interesting conversation in English! My name is Dmitry, I`m from Russia, from beautiful town between Moscow and St. i am sure there are people search engines/sites in russia but again my russian isnt great. I think, that international comunication is very interesting thing)And you? I'l be very glad to answer your qvestions and to have some information about you. However, i would relly like to find a girlfriend for communicating from England, because i love british English, i would like to hear this language more! Most of the female team members were either infants or not yet born at the time of the U. and allied international troops remain in Afghanistan to support an elected government in Kabul that constitutionally guarantees women's rights but is increasingly losing ground to a Taliban insurgency that now controls or contests some 40 percent of territory. "All of the countries can participate in the competitions, but we can't.S.-backed military intervention in Afghanistan in 2001 that toppled the Taliban regime – whose ultra-hardline interpretation of sharia (Islamic law) banned girls from school, women from working outside the home and all females from leaving home without a male relative. Qaderyan's teammate from Herat, 17-year-old Lida Azizi, was less forgiving of the U. So it's a clear insult for the people of Afghanistan," Azizi said.Not sure I understand the question, but if it’s, “How can I get a 50–60 Y/O woman to use Skype? I’m 80 and don’t use Skype because I have no need for it.Many older adults will need to see that learning new tech stuff has a practical application in their lives.If using Skype made my life easier, better connected to family/friends or more fulfilled in some way—and I had a patient teacher who wouldn’t treat me with condescension if I didn’t “get it” right away—I’d be more motivated to learn.

I met an Iraqi man, quite by accident in a chat room online less than two weeks ago. So a man you've never met in person says he loves you.

Afghanistan itself is not on the list and Team Afghanistan's robot, unlike its creators, has been allowed entry to the United States.

Asked by Reuters on Tuesday why the girls were banned, a U. State Department spokesperson cited regulations prohibiting the agency from discussing individual visa cases.

HERAT, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Two Afghan girls refused visas to the United States for a robot-building competition said on Tuesday they were mystified by the decision, as the contest's organizers said teams from Iran and Sudan as well as a de facto Syrian team had gained visas.

The unusual story of the Afghan all-girl team of robotics students emerged as the United States grapples with the legality of President Donald Trump's order to temporarily ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

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I would like to meet someone from english-talking countries)) it's very interesting to communicate with other people=) By the way, I'm from Ukraine/ Write if you're interested in communication))on my e-mail or icq 377-44-38-75))I'm not always in icq, but who knows))) maybe, you'll be the person, fortune will smile at=)good luck))sunflower=) Hello, My name is Nikolay, I from Russia. We can speak by Skype (I hope, you undestand me :-)) )my e-mail: [email protected] 357098865 Hi! 25 years oldicq 428 647 102 Greetings to all))) My name is Nady, and I, as well as the majority at this forum, from Russia) I very much wish to find the friend from America for perfection of my English or your Russian)))Write to me right now))))) Hi everebody! find me in skype: konnova-julia..i can help to speak russian too with pleasure. actually seeking to communicate in English and German languages. I'm 18 years old, I'm from Russia, Saint Petersburg. Of course as everyone i study english and want to speak in it to develop my experience.

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