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Up to 9 weeks In early pregnancy, some doctors may give you 2 special tablets to take which will cause you to miscarry the pregnancy - which means you won't be pregnant anymore.Abortions can make you bleed from your vagina for up to 2 weeks, which can feel like you're having a heavy period.You may feel some discomfort after having an abortion.All young people have the right to a confidential consultation with a doctor to go through your choices around ending your pregnancy. You can have an abortion if: Your doctor shouldn't tell your parents unless they think you are at risk of harm such as abuse.Sometimes you need someone to talk to outside of Lifeline Crisis Chat hours.Sometimes you need in-person help in your local area.When you got the script for this week’s episode, did you just start licking your chops? The only thing was you shoot over and over again, and I was eating a lot of gummy worms.

I mean, not that I’m a grandmother yet, but to think of [Loreen] as a grandmother I felt like I was adding family instead of being left, as I have been by my husband. I couldn’t wait to do the whole getting high with the gummy worms.

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But Loreen Horvath, played by Becky Ann Baker, has never done what’s typical.

During a lunch break from rehearsals of Eugene O’Neill’s When did you personally find out that Hannah’s pregnancy would be written into the show, and what was your reaction?

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