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Allen began her job as a cashier with the company last summer.Before long, she was being trained to work at the service desk and in layaway.would say they could not get in touch with him and he may not be there right then or other excuses – and since he was not there – being not open to public I could not come in. She even tried to run me off the road and kill me several times (yes police reports were filed).

The supervisor sued, but was rebuffed by the 8th U. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled in favor of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.The Privacy Project Courts generally have upheld fraternization policies that balance employer and interests carefully and that are administered impartially IN TODAY'S work-oriented culture, of fice romances and the related topics of sex and privacy have become important issues confronted by most employers.With more employees working longer days and spending so much of their time on-the-job, romantic relationships at work are developing more frequently.1 Workplace romance may be the only option for employees whose workload limits their outside activities; but for employers, this trend may prove problematic as the potential liability associated with these relationships rises.2 A 1998 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management predicted that 55 percent of office romances would likely result in marriage, but that 28 percent of these office relationships may result in complaints of favoritism from coworkers, 24 percent in sexual harassment claims, and another 24 percent in the decreased productivity of the employees involved.3 Statistics such as these have motivated employers to adopt prophylactic policies in an effort to avoid the potentially complicated and unsavory outcomes of office affairs and to maintain a strictly professional work environment. It seems that Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, has a policy that bars an employee who is married from dating anyone else who works in the store. Allen was married, albeit separated from her husband, at the time she began dating Mr. Rules on Fraternization Attorney General Robert Abrams believes that Wal-Mart's "no dating" policy is illegal under a new state statute that prohibits businesses from dismissing employees for "lawful" activities outside the work place. Johnson were required to read, and sign, at the outset of their employment."Wal-Mart strongly believes and supports the 'family unit,' " the handbook states. Distraught, she said she shared the papers, which included a reference to Mr. Six more stores are scheduled to open in the state before the year is out.

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