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More research needs to be done, but there’s reluctance in Canada to collect information on the basis of race.TBN: What are some of the challenges inter-racial unions face?Coupled with a steady flow of immigrants from all parts of the world, the surge of interracial marriages and multiracial children is producing a 21st century America more diverse than ever, with the potential to become less stratified by race. Many prominent blacks — including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, civil rights leader Julian Bond and former U. Bob Jones University in South Carolina only dropped its ban on interracial dating in 2000; a year later 40 percent of the voters objected when Alabama became the last state to remove a no-longer-enforceable ban on interracial marriages from its constitution.

Research Interests: I am a social demographer who studies mating and dating, and the Internet's effect on society. You can also find the book, along with a selection from the text and the index, at the Harvard University Press website.

“Our findings suggest that straight men and women differ significantly, and that more race-open preferences held by heterosexual men are similar to lesbians while gay men’s less race-open preferences are more similar to heterosexual women,” Lundquist says.

“The general pattern for inter-group interaction is that all four white groups are most likely to contact or respond other white daters; however, when interactions do occur with non-white daters, it is initiated most often by straight white men, second most often by white lesbians, third most often by gay white men and least often by straight white women.” The study found some variations in the specifics of interracial relationships.

My first paper from this project, "Searching for a Mate: The Rise of the Internet as a Social Intermediary" was published in the August 2012 issue of the American Sociological Review. Young adults experience the independent life stage after they have left their parents' homes, but before they have settled down to start their own family.

The How Couples Meet and Stay Together project has revolutionized our understanding of such topics as how couples meet, the role of technology and the role of family in personal relations, why couples stay together, and whether same-sex married couples stay together as long as heterosexual married couples do. During the independent life stage young men and women go away to college, travel, begin careers, and enjoy a period of relative social independence.

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In Cleveland, two white men were sentenced to prison earlier this year for harassment of an interracial couple that included spreading liquid mercury around their house.

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