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The movie, a small, independent production financed with money Hall helped raise, couldn’t afford on-set trailers and, still caked in fake blood, Hall couldn’t shower till she got home.

“I just remember really shaking for a long time as I washed the blood off,” she says.

Toward the end, the main plot, about a straight pair experimenting with polyamory, takes a dramatic turn.

It’s as if writer-director Brian Crano had suddenly realised sentimentality is anathema to good fiction.

She is listed on Free Ones since 2001 and is currently ranked 2179th place.

, her new film about the American newsreader Christine Chubbuck – who blew her brains out on live television in 1974 – she got into a car.

a model) met Seacrest, fresh off his breakup with model Shayna Taylor, at his 40th birthday party in Napa a few weeks ago.

’” She laughs as we sit eating salad in a cafe in Brooklyn Heights in New York, not far from where she lives.

Hall doesn’t want to seem melodramatic, but there’s no doubting her commitment to Chubbuck’s story.

PERSONAL WEAPONS: My personality, love for others, knowledgeable mind.

IDEAL KIND OF GUY: Intelligent, honest, believing in the Lord, respectfulness in himself, energetic, athletic, tall, dark, handsome man who can really treat me like a lady.

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“I want to champion this film more than I’ve ever wanted to champion anything,” she says.

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