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Application of radiocarbon in the case gives a hope for site dating. Results and methods in the radiocarbon dating of pottery.

Different types of ceramic products becoming widely used and distributed in Eastern Europe since the end of VII-VI millennium BC.

1115 Radioisotope geochronology, GEOCHRONOLOGY, 3652 Pressure-temperature-time paths, MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY, 3660 Metamorphic petrology, MINERALOGY AND PETROLOGY, 8170 Subduction zone processes, TECTONOPHYSICS Allanite Th-U-Pb age-dating has recently been found to be powerful in unraveling the timing of geological processes such as the metamorphic dynamics in subduction zones and crystallization velocity of magmas.

However, inconsistencies among analytical techniques have raised doubts about the accuracy of allanite age data.

they have different age at the moment of introduction into pottery matrix. Vol 54, No 3-4 (2012) PP.795-799 Yaroslav V Kuzmin, A J Timothy Jull, G S Burr.

“Much like how Flipkart singularly focused on customer service, newer dating apps are working towards the right product market fit, verified profiles, ensuring that no married men got on the app, assuring women of safety and security,” Sachin Bhatia, co-founder of Truly Madly, another popular dating app, told Quartz.

It was in 2013 that Tinder—the Los Angeles-headquartered location-based dating app—made inroads into the country, and became an instant hit among legions of urban youngsters.

But Indian dating platforms typically promise to connect urban singles who are not just looking for casual relationships, but also sometimes a potential spouse.

Sexual assault prevention programs selected for inclusion must be: based in sound theory and research; use current and innovative strategies for violence prevention; and be available for implementation on campuses across the country."Bystander programs engage men and women not (primarily) as potential perpetrators or victims, but rather as potential bystanders to situations involving sexual or intimate partner violence.

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