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And right into the lovely central CALIFORNIA Coastline.

Close your Eyes–Picture your Dream Date Originally a small town girl, I fell in love with the wider-world, which led me to travel.

Morane-Saulnier developed an initial version of the design, designated the MS.405, which was a low-wing monoplane of mixed construction.

It had the distinction of being the company's first low-wing monoplane, as well as the first to feature an enclosed cockpit, and the first design with a retracting undercarriage. S.406 to the French Air Force during early 1939 represented the first modern fighter aircraft to be adopted by the service.

I am a career senior military officer stationed in a U. I get thanked for my service to the point of distraction. A lost-in-thought combat veteran is not a good person to surprise.

When I’m in civilian clothes, I read as just another 40-something dad, but in uniform I’m the BIG DAMN HERO. Recently, while I was grabbing some produce off the shelves, a woman came up to me from behind and initiated a hug completely out of nowhere.

In addition to its service with the French Air Force, the M. Of particular note was its service in the hands of Finnish and Swiss air forces; both operators chose to develop their own indigenous models, such as the Finnish Mörkö-Morane (Finnish for Bogey, Boogyman or Bugbear (a type of ogre) Morane). S.406s and its derivatives were out of service, having been rendered obsolete in comparison to rapid advances in fighter aircraft technology.

The experience does not start with the knock on a door, but rather from the first contact. I am described as an All- American California than my undivided attention. I embody a graceful maturity with sophistication and a fresh vibrant appeal to a Superb GFE service –Wildly open-minded for a Satisfying FETISH and Fantasy service. I am well grounded and balances – can take me Anywhere.

Through email exchanges we get a feel for one another . It is a gift for me when I can leave whoever I have the opportunity to share my time with refreshed and excited about life! I am a former model, athlete and entertainer (catering to executive and high-profile clientele) with a business entrepreneur’s mind, I am highly educated, articulate, down- to -earth. If you’re a person who loves and respects women, who wants to make a real connection–I invite you into my world and my life – i f o n l y f o r a n e v e n i n g.

S.406 was a French fighter aircraft developed and manufactured by Morane-Saulnier starting in 1938.

Numerically, it was France's most important fighter during the opening stages of the Second World War; it was one of only two French-built aircraft (the other being the Potez 630) of which more than one thousand machines were constructed. S.406 was developed in response to a requirement issued by the French Air Force during 1934.

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