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We launched it in May and we got a tremendous response.

Over 1,500 people signed up wanting to be involved, and 100 of those were tech CEOs. A I think our measure will end up being how many companies do we get to a level that we consider to be diverse and inclusive. We have nine companies that we’re working closely with right now (including Periscope Data and Upserve). A I’m not really talking about the book these days — we’re still in the early days of getting it together.

A year and a half later, tech companies continue to release diversity reports with numbers that barely tick upward, and Pao still hears stories from other women and minorities about discrimination they’ve experienced in the workplace.

But Pao says she’s noticed a shift in attitude since her trial, which she views as the first step toward building a more welcoming culture. “And more people thinking about it, and more people wanting to be on the right side.

Welcome to In The Capital’s ‘A Day in the Life’, an article series where we spotlight a noteworthy person in the local D. community whose day-to-day life is so interesting/fascinating/all-around fantastic that it warrants our readership’s attention.

Sammy and his business partner Amber Wason are realtors who work as The Amber & Sammy Group at Evers & Co.

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…Beautiful blue eyes, flippy hair, he was mysterious. …As soon as he showed interest in me, he became my complete focus.

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