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First off, there’s no doubt that the main focus of the site is dating.When you’re first thrust into the world of Badoo, you’ll see a whole list of people of the opposite sex, matched with big buttons to chat/meet them now.It seems simple enough: those with social media accounts share their thoughts, accomplishments, banal interactions, and cat GIFs from Reddit with anyone who will be their internet friend.However, when it comes to the person you’re dating, social media can be precarious.Haunting refers to the ~lingering presence~ of an ex or former fling on your social media accounts — like that person who always seems to view your Snap Story but never *actually* makes a peep."Haunting is a passive behavior in which your ex creeps on your social media accounts and engages just enough for you to know he or she is there, so it’s not quite lurking, which is total stealth mode," Samantha Burns, couples counselor and dating coach at Love Successfully, tells Bustle."It’s natural human behavior to think about, reminisce and wonder what your ex is up to, whether it’s because you’re sad, jealous, curious if [they've] moved on, miss [them], or are just plain bored." Is it normal to feel the urge to occasionally check up on an ex via social media? But it's also worth knowing why haunting might not be the healthiest behavior for your love life.

The Complaint: “I talk to my boyfriend every day in person, so it totally irks me when I find out something major happened in his life by reading his Facebook wall.“Explain that your love life is something you like to keep private, which is why you’re active with your buddies on Facebook but don’t post love notes to her wall.” That reasoning should make sense to her.The Fix: There’s no need to delete your old photos, but moving forward only post selfies that tell a story, advises Senning. Write that as your caption so it doesn’t seem like you're posting a gym selfie to just show off your muscles.It's *the* most passive thing someone can do, because they'll be lumped in with dozens of others who looked at your Story — aka the most curated part of your social media presence.It's an easy way to see what an ex is up to, but it can also be extremely impersonal.

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