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He was inspired to become an engineer and inventor after watching Star Wars as a child.Prior to this, he dreamed of becoming a heart surgeon.She has a very slim body and shoulder-length brown hair.Fiona is beautiful and has a very attractive quality about her, inside and out. Fiona Gallagher is usually wearing shorts and a regular tee during spring and summer, or a jacket and jeans during fall and winter. She is scrappy, meaning she is good at finding unique ways to make money for her family.As her brother trained to be a Ninja, Nya grew tired of being left out from the team and created the identity of Samurai X.During this time, Jay began to start a relationship with Nya.While testing out a new function of his exosuit, Ray accidentally caused an explosion which shrunk him to a miniature size; stuck in this state and unable to call for help, his friends presumed him dead. In early 2016, Ray Palmer was recruited by time-traveler Rip Hunter on a mission to take down Vandal Savage.After months Ray managed to contact Felicity but was captured by Damien Darhk for his technology. When Mick Rory gave him the Cold Gun, he nicknamed himself Colonel Cold, using both Leonard Snart's weaponry and Cold glasses.

This is due to the fact that her father Frank Gallagher is a drunk and doesn't have any responsibility or maturity and doesn't know how to be a father.

Shortly before the Outbreak, Rei began dating Hisashi, and Takashi, realizing he had waited too long, was sad that Rei chose Hisashi over him.

His casual nature can also make him hesitant, evidenced by the fact that he did not act on his feelings for Rei until it was too late.

He is a childhood friend of both Saya Takagi and Rei Miyamoto and while he has strong feelings of love for Rei, he also shares intimate feelings for Saeko Busujima as well.

Takashi is a pretty decent melee fighter, also skilled with firearms because of Kohta Hirano's tutoring.

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After Zane's apparent demise, the Ninja traveled to Chen's Island when they learned he was still alive.

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