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But the dating site, which charges users up to £32 a month, only confirmed what happened in April.

It is not known how many customers were affected, but the Guardian said it received 27 complaints and that the problem has since been resolved. Professor Alan Woodward, a cyber-security expert at the University of Surrey, said the problem was compounded by the fact that ‘many people use a dating site, find a partner, and move on with their lives without realising their details are still in the system’.

Our response is all about these simple, special connections.

This positioning differentiates from competitors who trade off features like the most intelligent algorithm, or just pure volume of users.

A premium paid-for product, Soulmates sits within a busy, highly competitive market, appealing to a progressive, metropolitan audience.The Guardian uses A/B testing across many of its webpages and properties.Product managers like Kerstin Exner are encouraged to run A/B tests whenever possible, as long as a strong business case can be made for each experiment.But while Kerstin found these ads performed well in terms of overall click-throughs, she noticed that the majority of these visitors were not converting into subscribers.The Guardian’s online dating website has suffered some manner of data breach, with user information getting spilled and subsequently used in targeted spam emails of a sexually explicit nature.

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