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But as interesting as the majority of the questions were, like “How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?

"; they would be way too emotionally exhausting to whip out on every first date—or On a first date you want to peel the onion, not cut it right in half.

As a result, you will receive a much more personal, thoughtful response which may inspire a more natural and stimulating conversation away from the mundane reciting of their daily routine. While many find someone who is widely travelled very attractive (in fact it came out as the most sought after quality in the opposite sex in a recent Elite Singles members survey of attractive hobbies), others enjoy their home comforts and seek those who do too. According to a research article on the significance of laughter on Psychology Today, ‘[laughter] is a hidden language that we all speak.

With this in mind, we have provided five questions you might typically ask on a first date, and how you can tweak them a bit to inspire conversation that is insightful, playful, and comfortable.

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You’ve found someone who’s caught your attention online and you want your connection to be enhanced when you meet for the first time.

Forget about all the questions that you want to ask on a first date for a moment, and focus on the timing instead. First and foremost – first dates are meant to be lighthearted and are the perfect time to get to know each other and have fun. That means that you should never start asking any “deep” or otherwise intrusive and very personal questions right off the bat!

That will just make you look WEIRD and even CREEPY!

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