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Deputies said they were traveling in a silver Dodge Challenger full of the stuff they had bought with the credit cards.

Turner and Earls, 26, of Fort Walton Beach, face charges of credit card fraud, possession of counterfeit cards and theft.

Pentagon employees can consider themselves totally busted this week for funding gambling sprees and “adult entertainment services” via their government-issued credit cards.

Deputies said surveillance video shows Turner was with Malikus Earls.

The New York Federal Reserve reports that the number of delinquent accounts rose by 7.5 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Capital One Financial Corp., Synchrony Financial and Discover Financial Services all have started setting aside extra cash to write off bad debt as more consumers fail to make their payments.

Even if you feel your debt is manageable right now, know that you could be one unexpected emergency away from real trouble," Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at Credit Cards.com, said.

"We simply can't keep taking on credit card debt forever without it causing major problems." The industry is already experiencing warning signs.

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Nevertheless, the likelihood is that the Pentagon has, at some point, unwittingly paid for sex, as well as stumping up the cash for the odd lousy blackjack session or two.

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