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Shadow Protect is a requester of Microsoft's Volume Shadow Service (VSS).

The VSS writers act as the primary backup engine and deliver Application-aware backup images.

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The Shadow Snap solution has two components: Shadow Snap and Shadow Protect.

Datto's web interface requires both of these components.

Once you click on you will start things up and be at a menu like below. In my case here drive G is where I am going to put a repository for backups. That will let us configure a recipient – like panic below.

From my reading, it seems to be almost a best practice to use the local SQL express instance rather then an external SQL server. Now we have a summary and I really like how there is a copy of what is going to be install stored in the BE logs folder. Once it finishes, it offers to run Live Update (wow does that bring back memories) and to display the Readme. Which is not a live message since I did before I started the install. Plus I don’t want to be prompted about what I think about the product until I have used it for a while. We now have storage configured that will allow us to do backups! I like to start small and test so that normally means one or two backup sources.Hello all, In this article I am going to help you install, configure and test Backup Exec. Once we start – by pressing Backup Exec as we see above we will see the following where Symantec is verifying the install files – nice to see actually. We could use the drop-down field that shows Backup Exec right now and use Trial and it would let us install a bunch of different options that have 60 day licenses – or at least it should and has before but currently will not. With my license there is not much selected, and I do not want to try any of the trails. I did do it before with all done but now I have a number of things.This is software that has been around a very long time and it shows in the depth of its features. There are two issues: I think it worth keeping the results just in case you need to talk to support at some point. After this completes we see the start of the wizard. I like to see default of Local but option of remote. My ideal set of options is around 4700 CAD and that is just crazy for my needs. Including an update for SQL I am going to do it and see how it impacts things. So point at the yellow odd icon at the top left, follow that by selecting Configuration and Settings, and finally select Backup Exec Settings.Less than a year ago I could purchase a brand new copy of Backup Exec 2012 for Windows Servers for 1.00, which was all I wanted.I don’t need the maintenance contract or additional support.

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