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In this tutorial you will learn how to implement a simple contact form on your website that allows the user to send their comment and feedback through email.

We will use the same PHP function to send the emails.

It occurred to me this morning that email addresses incorrectly typed into forms can be a problem for both the site user and the site owner.

It was accompanied with an idea for reducing their frequency.

Cal has also written a function that validates according to the more complicated rules in RFC 2822. The function in Example 9-10 only checks that a particular address is syntactically correct.

This is useful for preventing a user from accidentally telling you that her email address is instead of [email protected]

In this tutorial we will illustrate you how to do email validation in forms using j Query. [A-Z] : It matches characters from uppercase ‘A’ to lowercase ‘Z’.

Sometimes, user enter email address in wrong format. Instead, it should display an alert and notify user about the incorrect format of email address.

You can read more about how the function is constructed at

Validating email addresses is a tedious but necessary task for anyone interested in keeping badly formatted email addresses out of their systems.

The j Query validate plugin offers one of the the best ways of doing simple, effective email syntax validation on a web page.

Stop bad email addresses before they get into your system. Let's face it, validating, verifying and checking input data is not what is generally described as a "fun" activity if you're a web developer.

This is especially true for email addresses where the sheer quantity of address syntax permutations, allowed characters, new can make validating any given email address particularly challenging.

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You want to know whether an email address a user has provided is valid.

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