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"Show them the same kind of respect that you would show anybody, because bi people are people, and the harmful thing about bi-erasure is that it tries to invalidate that notion," Bolles said.

"Just meeting people where they are and welcoming their identities" is a great way to avoid bi-erasure.

After the young mother (who recently began identifying as bisexual) made the initial move by sending a message to Bo, the duo's bond escalated and they came a couple one mother later.

Does anyone else like a kid on Christmas Eve right now?

If you do, it's probably because you already know that today (September 21) marks the beginning of Bisexual Awareness Week: that most magical time of year when we get to celebrate and honor what it means to identify as Bisexual.

In an emotional note to fans that followed up on last week's tweets about her anxiety over her sexuality, she opened up about coming out to her loved ones.

"I've only just recently come out as bisexual to my family and friends," Purser wrote.

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Specifically, Joanna kissed Bo's best friend Ana in Las Vegas -- one day before Bo was due to meet them in Sin City.

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