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Next, we compare the extent to which those key features have been implemented in the current Io T software platforms.Finally, we list down the desired features of an Io T software platform based on our observations.Since this article has become quite long, and to give you an idea what to expect, I decided to put a TOC here: What I put in the 3rd column is just my observation of products in (Chinese) online shops such as Banggood and Ali Express. A while a ago I started noticing this one product marketed as V3 even though it looks like a regular V2 board to me.What further contributes to the naming jungle is precisely the fact that the hardware is open-source and anyone can produce and market Nodu MCU development boards.

This chapter has pointed out that IT technologists and executives who are seeking to understand the opportunity open source provides must understand the nature of commercial software, which is born out of a completely different process and has different strengths and weaknesses.There is no “winner” necessarily because each company has unique features that may be super important to some artists and not at all to others. If you have any questions or have used any of these companies please let me know in the comments below!(in alphabetical order) I spoke with Kevin Bruener, Director of Marketing and a musician himself.He has been at the company for 8 years and worked alongside founder (and music biz icon) Derek Sivers for many years.This is one of the biggest (and the first) independent digital distributors in the world.

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