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The son of morally ambiguous business tycoon Jack Mc Kay and hippie ex-wife Iris Mc Kay, Dylan starts the series with a reputation for being a dangerous loner.After he stands up to some bullies for freshman student Scott Scanlon, he is befriended by Brandon Walsh and through Brandon; Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Brenda Walsh, Andrea Zuckerman and David Silver, Dylan grows close to all of them, and they help soften his rebel attitude. In the pilot, he moves in with Alison Parker after her roommate moves out in the middle of the night.His marriage to Brooke puts a strain on his friendship with Alison.In 1993, Wagner moved to nighttime television, joining the hit series “Melrose Place” where he spent five seasons both acting as Dr. Then, in 2000, he took the role of a lifetime on Broadway, starring in the title role of Jekyll and Hyde.Wagner has starred in over 15 made-for-TV movies and appeared in over 40 theatrical productions around the country. He later works for a newspaper, and later starts working at D&D Advertising with Alison and Amanda. In season one, he dates Amanda briefly and she becomes pregnant with his child, but soon miscarriages. He and Alison get engaged in season two, but she gets cold feet on the day of the wedding due to personal issues with her father. In the first season he is an aspiring writer and taxi driver.

In grade school, he says he was taunted relentlessly by the other kids.

Acclaimed actor Jack Wagner majored in theater at the University of Missouri and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drama.

His theatrical background of singing, dancing and acting would prove to be a true cornerstone in a diversified career.

At the end of season three, after Alison moves to Hong Kong for a job offer, he marries his coworker Brooke Armstrong.

Despite no having a romantic relationship with Alison, he's always there to help her during times of need.

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