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Had Red Sox players been aware of Farrell’s relationship with Moran, it could have been taken as a cue that pursuing female reporters was fair game, thus encouraging a ribald culture in the clubhouse.

Martin Lawrence, in his spare time, is active in different social networking sites. When Martin was eight years old, his parents had a divorce.

Throughout the spring, Elle Duncan and Sarah Davis, two female reporters, had covered several games for NESN, though neither were to be found on Opening Day. While things could obviously change throughout the season with other reporters getting a shot at the job, it is hard not to believe that this is a move by NESN to move away from some of the potential controversy that has come with a female reporter.

Since Dell and Will Middlebrooks made their relationship public earlier this year, Dell has been relocated within NESN to appearing on NESN Sportsdesk instead of the Red Sox sidelines.

I guess this means that the Sox won’t have to worry about the sideline reporters, ahem, distracting the team.

Who knows, maybe now the sideline reporters will be actual reporters and not just eye candy.

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