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A second, even more rapid period of uplift occurred sometime within the last 200 ka, most likely 40 ka ago.Uplift of the footwall due to downthrowing blocks on normal faults caused by crustal extension may be one of the mechanisms causing the pulses of accelerated uplift rates of the Mejillones Peninsula.The experience has given her the raw material for her honors thesis work.(Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College) When in Rome, you have to do as the Romans. It is a little difficult to transition from studying in Chile, where every day felt like an unknown day, to being back to what is more familiar. My first year at Bates, I had a general idea of things I wanted to do, but didn’t know the means of accomplishing those goals. Michael Sargent has been my major adviser, and I have worked with him since freshman year as a research assistant and in his courses.Another hypothesis is an increase of subduction earthquake activity.

Our findings are compatible with evidence from the ANDRILL 1B record from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, and warm-water faunal assemblages on marine shoreline terraces from northern Chile.Opposing crustal motion between adjacent blocks is compatible with the formation of intervening normal faults and the hypothesis of ongoing extension of the forearc.Comparisons with published data suggest a contemporaneous acceleration in uplift occurred throughout the Peninsula, with higher rates of mean uplift observed after 480 ka.People also tend to stand closer than you might be used to, and to have more direct eye contact.You might feel that your personal space is being invaded a little bit, but for people in Chile, this is just a sign of friendliness, closeness, and interest in what the other person is saying.

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Now back on campus, she’ll use the raw findings from that experience as the basis for the academic project that will dominate her senior year: the honors thesis. Mellon Foundation to help her integrate her abroad experience into her senior year academic work. In a nutshell, what was your independent study project in Chile?

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