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(Keep.) At the end of our journey through the horrifying recess of each others souls, it’s time for the grand “Debagging” ceremony.

I quickly realized as I watched man after man sweat through their bags, I’d been judging by appearance the whole time.

That night would be the first and virtually the last time that Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr. At the heart of their star-crossed affair was one of Hollywood’s sacred monsters: the notorious Harry Cohn.

It was said that Harry Cohn put more people in the cemetery than all the other moguls combined.

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But burning time ridiculing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s failed “Celebrity Apprentice” gambit or, more recently, the psychodramas and daily inanities of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski seems a misspent investment of energy.

Kick back and relax as Miss Abigail imparts the expertise she honed before booty calls and speed-dating ruled - before the divorce rate was 50% and when 'fidelity' was more than an investment firm!

You'll improve your love life and strengthen your relationships well beyond her session.

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Oh, AND you're sure to be laughing about love all night long - that's the Miss Abigail guarantee!

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