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People pleaser.’ And last year, Jessica Alba said, ‘My teens and my 20s, I just wasn’t sure of myself…I was such a people pleaser.’ We live in an age of apparent altruism: a recent study by University College London found that most people were willing to sacrifice double the amount of money to spare a stranger pain than they would pay to relieve their own.For example, Joe’s wife tells him she is upset that he isn’t attentive enough to her.Joe immediately feels bad and tries to figure out how to give her what she wants. She tries to figure out what his preferences are and they become hers without her even realizing this.

Specifically, such parents only demonstrate kind, loving behavior when their children behave in a compliant, submissive manner.Such feelings as sadness, frustration, anxiety, and/or anger all become unacceptable (and indeed almost unrecognizable) to them, essentially because they know that these feelings are unacceptable to the most important adults in their lives: their parents.When People-Pleasing Children Grow Up Sadly, such children often carry their people-pleasing tendencies into their adult friendships, love relationships, and work relationships.The phone call from my editor came at 6.30pm: would I write a feature for first thing the following morning?My children hollered for their bedtime story as visions of the dinner I had yet to cook, the husband I had barely seen all week and the West Wing episode I’d hoped to watch later flickered through my mind.

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