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Take a kundalini class in the sun drenched front room, shop for sage and crystals in the store, or book a treatment with some of the area’s most sought after healers.

Not to be missed: lunar tune-ups in the outdoor courtyard during monthly new and full moon rituals and cosmic vinyasa (yoga and symphonic gong immersion under the projection of the stars).

It’s pretty simple, you order a vodka soda at Ceres Cafe, they serve you a whole cup of vodka with a side of soda water, the two of you get hot for each other, and the rest is history. Dark lounges, good music, attractive people, and last but not least, fancy cocktails.11 AM :: Soak at Float Sixty Whether you consider sensory deprivation tanks a spiritual experience or a just a slightly trippy way to spend an hour, you’ll never regret the experience. The industrial cool space features tons of tubs, a meditation room to hang out in post-soak, and a grooming area.Try the Samadhi Tank for a super cool intergalactic womb-like vibe.Last weekend, Chris, a 31-year-old editor living in Brooklyn, was planning a date, and his brain instantly went to the default option for most New Yorkers: drinks.But drinks lead to attempts at close-encounter conversations in a dimly lit bar, which leads to the awkward, “Are we drunk enough to have sex yet?

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  1. One approach to cybering is a simulation of "real" sex, when participants try to make the experience as close to real Girnollord was in his office.