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Standing in the midst of the Overijssel countryside, Havezathe Den Alerdinck is less than 15 kilometres from the centre of Zwolle, with its famous old town, the Peperbus, and many other charming sights.

Gastronomes should not miss the Michelin three-starred De Librije.

To “promote self-motivation” the government is offering refugees small payments for doing jobs in and around refugee centres, such as cleaning and gardening, for up to 25 hours a week and for 56 to 110 cents per hour (39p to 78p) amounting to a maximum of 14 euros (£10) a week.

These sums – far lower than the minimum wage – are permitted because the refugees already receive state allowances if they do not have any means.

In January 772 the sack and burning of this church by a Saxon expedition was the cause for the first punitive war waged by Charlemagne to the Saxons, in which, in retribution, the Irminsul (the Saxon sacred tree, probably near modern Paderborn) was destroyed.

This was not the first human settlement at the location; between 19, remains of a Bronze Age settlement (dated to c.400 CE) were excavated at Colmschate, 4 km east of the current city The village of Deventer, already important because of a trading road crossing the river IJssel, was looted and burnt down by the Vikings in 882.

These include the historic coach house, dating from 1650, along with a secluded wing of the historic mansion.

Twente is most likely named after the Tuihanti or Tvihanti, a Germanic tribe that settled in the area and was mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus.

This spectacular property is set in a magnificent country estate, originally built in the 17th century.

Surrounded by 35 hectares of parkland, delightful decorative gardens and a three-kilometre moat, Havezathe Den Alerdinck offers self-catering country house accommodation in a beautiful rural setting.

Twente comprises fourteen municipalities: Almelo, Borne, Dinkelland, Enschede, Haaksbergen, Hellendoorn, Hengelo, Hof van Twente, Losser, Oldenzaal, Rijssen-Holten, Tubbergen, Twenterand and Wierden.

The whole of Hellendoorn and the western parts of both Rijssen-Holten and Twenterand historically belong to the cultural region of Salland, but to the city region of Twente.

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