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Who, outside of higher ed, would possibly need a Dickens scholar? Your academic colleagues have no experience applying for non-academic jobs.

" Intimidation and victimisation Problems such as this "affect everything", she said — "my health, my emotional well-being. I have tried to take it up to the highest people in the university but it never gets addressed.The bad news is that it can be really overwhelming.When you’ve spent years thinking of yourself as an academic, it’s hard to imagine what else you can do.Some of the challenges women experience at their universities must be highlighted and addressed, but their identities must be kept confidential, Hers-SA director Dr Sabie Surtee told the ."The institutional climate that some of these women are in can be very intimidating, and this makes it difficult for them to speak out. for expressing their concerns at work, and this in itself is one of the problems that women in higher education are facing." One such example is that of an academic, one of only two black members of her university's senate.

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