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Moral choice and consolation may — in the eyes of some — be illusions but “we do what we have to because we are who we are”. So what does dipso Harry do besides fighting the bad guys? Zeid, born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1901, had a brutal start to her life when aged 12 her older brother was convicted of murdering their father.Later, she attended the art academy in Istanbul as one of their first female students.A controversial decision as the academy hosted living models, and was therefore not seen as a seemly place for young ladies.She continued her studies in Paris in the late 1920s.

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There are industrial levels of spin from those able to game the system — did you know the profits of our five leading housebuilders increased 480 per cent between 20? And yet it all becomes much simpler once you appreciate that the rate of return on capital exceeds growth in the wider economy.

And there is a political denial that the basic unaffordability of housing is even a problem, despite the fact that Shelter calculates there are 170,000 homeless people in London; that British home ownership has actually fallen since 2010 and is the fourth lowest in Europe; that London house prices rose 57 per cent from 2011-16 while average wages actually fell... The French economist Thomas Piketty distilled this into three characters — rg — in his 2014 treatise Capital.

This is the first UK retrospective of Fahrelnissa Zeid, one of a series of Tate exhibitions exploring overlooked or forgotten artists, many of them women, and part of an admirable effort to look outside the usual European–American art historical cannon.

A process that began earlier in the decade when the Tate held retrospectives for Lebanese painter Saloua Raouda Choucair and the Sudanese artist Ibrahim El Salahi.

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