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Gael García Bernal, 30, is an award-winning stage and film actor best known for his starring roles in 'Y Tu Mama Tambien', 'The Motorcycle Diaries' and Pedro Almodóvar's 'Bad Education'.

He lives in Mexico and Spain with his girlfriend and their child I'll have to tell you the unofficial story of how Diego and I met, because it's what I've been told by my parents since I was too young to remember.

We didn't see each other while I was studying at drama school in London, but when I returned to Mexico and we did Y Tu Mama Tambien together we really renewed our friendship.

We were young, so we were discovering the language of acting and it was the most fascinating time for us.

i can find at least five girls in a starbucks in hollywood who i think are prettier. 23 is basically the age when I think it truly doesn't matter the age of the other person but people here always have different ideas.

It does suck that we don't see too many 23 year old dudes getting with ladies in their late 30s though lol. Most of them are in their college frat boy mindset at that age.

One thing that has changed about him, though, is his appearance – he used to be chubby; he's lost the puppy fat now.

It fairly rattles along, sketching out the romantic tensions between its characters, while at the same time unspooling a thriller-like plot, and evoking a heady nostalgia for a time when the problems of the nation – racial tensions, underworld crime, political corruption – could be exposed and healed by a bit of good honest journalism. If the series bears any comparison with Mad Men it is in both its impeccable ensemble cast – Rowley’s colleagues in the newsroom are played with great charm by Dominic West, Ben Whishaw and Anna Chancellor among others – and an approach to the recreation of the fashions and design of the Fifties so painstaking that it borders on the fetishistic. “The studio cameras were genuine, functioning cameras from the Fifties; the lamps, the stationery.” At one point, while filming a scene in which her character is handed a telex, she glanced down at the piece of paper that had been given to her expecting to see a discarded page of script and instead was confronted with a detailed message carefully produced on an original Fifties telex machine.

Garai says the production team’s relentless pursuit of authenticity felt like proof that someone was taking the job as seriously as she does; until, that is, she was shown her character’s wardrobe.

fan, as is my son Milo."So she said: 'Right, the director's going to phone you later today.' We were out shopping, so I sent the kids and Lou off and I was in a NCP car park and I had the i Pad on the steering wheel and [writer] Tony Gilroy phoned me and we had this Skype chat."Not exactly how you might imagine Hollywood deals being carried out, then.

The role was required to remain very hush hush, with Mays adding that the first thing Gilroy told him was that he couldn't tell anyone he was going to be in the film, where his character meets up with Diego Luna's Cassian Andor near the beginning to share some intelligence about the Empire."If you've seen it, the Stormtroopers rock up and it's that thing where you kind of revert to your seven-year-old self again," Daniel said, explaining that he filmed his scene in one day, and found himself living out his childhood dreams while doing so.

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