Updating vmware server 2 0

A more elegant solution here would be much appreciated, as the diff between the current kernel modules provided by vmware and the modules in that gz is substantial.

Get shell access (with Putty, Gnome-terminal or similar ssh-client) and log in as root.The console pages are served by Tomcat 6, which is installed with the virtualization services and everything else.Two more complaints: why install another web server when IIS is already present and listening – is it really that hard to support IIS too? This guide provides instructions on installing, configuring and running VMware Server and VMware Server Console on Ubuntu.VMware server may be used on Desktop and Server editions of Ubuntu.

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After having downloaded the package, open a Terminal and run the following commands: with the version number of the package you downloaded. /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/dash, however we need /bin/bash, not /bin/dash.

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