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His daily dating newsletters have reached one million subscribers.Considering all these factors, De Angelo is considered the largest operator in the dating industry today.Carlos is the author of The Dating Black Book, the definitive men’s guide to dating and attraction, Secrets of the Alpha Man DVD and CD programs, Alpha Conversation & Persuasion, as well as articles and books on dating and attraction.He also produces a weekly podcast and a regular blog.

He worked in seminars and furthered his studies by training in business for entrepreneurship and sales. Eben Pagan is a family man, married August 2011 to Annie Lalla and lives in Santa Monica.Carlos Xuma has also been a guest advisor and author on the web and in other media: Personalized coaching, advanced audio dating advice for men, audio conferences - EVERYTHING you need to solve any problem - Dating Dynamics' customized and personalized dating advice for men programs... Someone needed to tell the truth, no matter how blunt, how painful or how terrifying that would be.This is a review – Click Here for the Official Advanced Dating Techniques website…This program is unique because it’s not just some little ebook some “PUA” guy made with his methods for picking up chicks.

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