Invalidating childhood environments in anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Understanding the nature and value of parental / caregiver bonds and learning ways to improve them if they are healthy, or repair them if they are not, is essentially what Attachment Theory is all about.There are two main precepts that form the core of Attachment Theory: 1.We are also learning that inherent nature, the disposition we pop out of the womb bearing, may predispose some individuals down the road toward developing an eating disorder.Most psychological theories today agree that many factors—biological, environmental, cultural, and religious—influence the development of children.Schema Therapy may therefore be an appropriate treatment that can address developmental factors associated with parenting, alongside here-and-now maintaining factors, including core beliefs and coping style.].

Typical responses may include minimisation, punishment and declaring the inner emotional experience is wrong and unacceptable (Linehan, 1993). Cognitive behavioural treatment for borderline personality disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 12, 39-56Steinberg, B. Those of us in the clinical field know that eating disorders are complex, and what causes them and how to treat them is ever evolving.Research, for instance, is looking into genetic links, biological roots (including anxiety and depression) and personality traits, which all may play a role.In this study, we investigated whether perceived childhood parenting experiences and coping mechanisms played a role in the development of eating disorder symptoms in a group of 174 participants who indicated that they had difficulties with eating and/or body image.The maladaptive coping mechanisms of perfectionism, avoidance, and compliance partially explained the relationship between perceived negative parenting experiences and restriction/purging/overexercising.

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