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Is someone familiar with this bug, and if yes, what should I do to fix it? The funny thing is, it is a plain v4l Logitech C310 webcam. I have video (as we speak) with Kopete and Zone Minder. Other times my Real Player will pop up and act like it's playing but only getting a blank screen. Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051107 Firefox/1.5 ...video I will do my best to explain what is happening by telling you what I am doing!First up I have 3 videos that I wish toconvert and burn to a single layer dvd.I have used mandvd to import and convert as well as create the menus!So far so good, the reulting iso is over 5 gig long.I wrote a wiki here on this: ' Video editing/avchd - open SUSE' ( -- oldcpu ------------------------------------------------------------------------ oldcpu's Profile: t=414563 Hei and thanks, it was interesting to read this article and I discovered to my surprise that my nvidia 8600 GT was supported. To elaborate a bit further, with the attempt I had trying to import video and the sound was more or less non-existing, I did, however, have sound on the camera. But does anyone know how to keep it from happening? Please kindly explain with detailed examples and code samples. Please mark the post(s) that have helped you as "Answer" In-process means the thing you are refering to lives inside the same process that your code is executing in.I, therefore, tested with importing just video into Kino, connecting audio between my camera and the analogue port on the soundcard. Hello all, I am running an application with Process. For example, in-proc Session state uses memory inside the worker process for n organism with a savage nature now draws blood and sustenance from our nation.This parasitic beast is never referred to publicly and is only spoken of in hushed tones and fearful whispers by those few enlightened persons amongst the addled public.

video spokesperson, online web video, web video, web video production, online video production, promotional video ...(VIDEO SERVICES | VIDEO MIX | VIDEO CHAT | VIDEO CHANNELS | VIDEO CONFERENCE | VIDEO DATING | ONLINE VIDEO CHAT) on . (VIDEO SERVICES | VIDEO MIX | VIDEO CHAT | VIDEO CHANNELS | VIDEO CONFERENCE | VIDEO DATING | ONLINE VIDEO CHAT) on !! stream video base from list of video (the list of video is in different web form) the situation: client choose 1 of thousands list of video available in my website and able to watch it through internet base from what he/she choose problem: i don't know the suitable coding to make the media player play the right video. Thanks You can send the name of the video by querystring (url) then in the next page take the name and set it to the player. I keep getting the message that I am missing plug-ins. I checked the forum on this subject and there are only problem reports and no answers. As per some suggestions on other forums I've switched to the Packman version, but alas with equal results.

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My old athlon-2800 (32-bit) can play the highest 1920x1080 HD video files (at very high bit rates) with less than 10% CPU loading. I'm unable to do just about anything, including command-escape.

That is possible only because the video decoding is offloaded from the CPU to the GPU, and because those HD video files are using a codec that is compatible with the "vdpau". I have Use Shell Execute set to true and Create No Window to false. I've sometimes been able to switch windows, but never type anything or kill the server process. I doubt this is a mod_perl problem specifically, it seems to me it's a Mac OS X process priority problem. In-process or out-of-process What do "in-process" or "out-of-process" mean?

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