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A second project we’ve covered this year that will incorporate the mythical deities from African folklore known as Orishas, into its narrative.Recall how much I’ve championed Orishas as great fodder for cinema – whether literal translations, or (getting creative) even as superheroes, which is exactly what London-based filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion is doing currently, with his project , a short film that he hopes to expand to feature length eventually.The genre's focus on story allows it to draw heavily from other narrative-based media, literature and film, encompassing a wide variety of literary genres.Many adventure games (text and graphic) are designed for a single player, since this emphasis on story and character makes multi-player design Doctor Strange tells the story of world-famous neurosurgeon Dr.Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose life changes forever after a horrific car accident renders his hands useless.When traditional medicine fails him, he travels to the remote Kamar-Taj in search of a cure, but instead discovers the mystical arts and becomes a powerful sorcerer battling dark forces bent on destroying our reality. The featurettes are all worth watching because they reveal the whole process of how this film was made, and the challenges they faced to make a film about this character the right way.Yet the best special feature on here is the exclusive look at some of the Marvel Phase 3 films.

Put your VR headset and dive into trip on roller coaster. Unbelievable trip on abondoned railway in mystical island is waiting for you. Visit prehistoric arachnids' lair and avoid the avoid a fate befell the travelers wandered there.— beside virtual reality headset, this attraction is compatible with 3D glasses like google cardboard— for more immersive experience in virtual reality we recommend you Fibrum VR headset ( challenge yourself on other our attractions: roller coaster, russian roller coaster, crazy swing and many others This game supports freemium system.

When I got offered a review copy I jumped at the chance to watch it on Blu-Ray.

Here are my thoughts after watching this film again.

It was unlike any other Marvel movie that has come out.

It had drama, comedy, action, suspense and stunning special effects.

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Since the debut of the anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga in 1986, Toei Animation has produced nineteen theatrical films based on the franchise: four based on the original Dragon Ball anime and fifteen based on the sequel series Dragon Ball Z.

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