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“It’s important to me to see Yahoo into its next chapter.” Unfortunately, it remains a mystery as to whether Verizon-owned Yahoo will love her back.At the time of the acquisition announcement, a Verizon executive said no decision had been made about Mayer’s future at the company.She was put in charge of fast-growing businesses that proved instrumental to Google's exponential growth in the last decade.Mayer solidified her cred while running the show when the number of daily searches on Google exploded from a few hundred thousand to over a billion searches with her helping hand in the design and development of the search interface.Mayer states her childhood was "wonderful" with a world-class ballet school and many opportunities right in town.Both of her parents were dedicated to nurturing their children's interests.In short, everyone’s email address isn’t going to be changed to @altaba.com, so don’t believe any articles that might give you that impression. When the Verizon deal was announced back in July, Mayer sent a letter to Yahoo staffers vowing to remain at the company through its transition.“I love Yahoo, and I believe in all of you,” she wrote.

An SEC filing revealed that Marissa Mayer is stepping down from Yahoo’s board and that the company is changing its name to Altaba, which sounds like a way to trick would-be Alibaba investors. Actually, the name change applies to the investments and assets that Verizon is not acquiring, including stakes in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (Alternate Alibaba ... Verizon has already said it wants to continue to invest in the Yahoo brand so the name and core services are going to remain intact.

Other than the two Google's co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, perhaps there is no other executive better symbolized the new breed of brilliant young technologist in charge than Marissa Mayer.

As the first female engineer and 20th employee overall hired by Google, Mayer rapidly distinguished herself among others in the company.

Mayer attended numerous lessons and activities over the years.

Among those she sampled: swimming, ice skating, ballet, piano, embroidery and cross stitch, cake decorating, skiing and golf.

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Among those she sampled: ice skating, ballet, piano, embroidery and cross stitch, cake decorating, Brownies, swimming, skiing and golf. By junior high, Mayer danced 35 hours a week and learned "criticism and discipline, poise and confidence" according to her mother.

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