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I am/was good-looking, bright, charming, witty, successful with “the boys,” etc.In fact, I run into the sunset when confronted with the possibility of commitment. 🙂 Before I get a pat on the back for my self-awareness, though, I need to confess that it’s taken me decades to recognize this stuff about myself, and, over those decades, I’ve hurt some very good men (and some real assholes, which is tough to regret, but which I do regret in a kind of Buddhist way). What’s saddest, and what I think is sad for so many of us “studs”, is that we may never know true intimacy. I remember from a college psych class that Freud wrote life was comprised only of “love and work, work and love”, so us illustrious studs basically suck.I just think you have to go to person by person and do the best you can with people in general. Why don't you ask the people who aren't dating me ?!?Jason Schwartzman Download Wallpaper: People say to me, 'Danielle, you're such a wonderful person. Danielle Henderson Download Wallpaper: Perhaps this is why lunatics have a harder time dating, not because they are off the wall but because it is hard to find soemone who is willing to date so many people in one person.I'm constantly only being hit on & flirted with by men in the "hood" category.I've been told it's because I have a big butt.?

It's so much fun to be out in nature and who better to do that with than the person you're dating?

How his wife came outside and busted open the window of the car with one of his golf clubs.

How he had to go to the hospital because, among other things, his face was looking like he got in a fight in a Lamborghini with Chris Brown.

But I'm not attracted to the slang, pants hanging, rap career type.

I work full time, own my own business & have children & feel like a gangster isn't my type....

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Adrianne Palicki Download Wallpaper: Of course, a lot of courtship and dating is about sexual attraction.

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