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But aside from providing a way for students to connect, Dateabl also has dating coaches, such as Dina Joseph, to help students put their best foot forward in their search for that special someone."The date coach will offer a full range of services at an affordable premium, including date counseling, hair and makeup consultations, clothing consultations, mock dates, profile building and more," Frost said in a previous interview.According to a You Tube video posted on the Dateabl account, all a student needs is a UCF email address, and he or she can create a profile and search for free.You may want to look into non-credit bearing options.Conversely, if you want a challenge, start developing your adaptation skills.But Garces continued to be aggressive, according to WKMG.

All of these options may be great learning experiences, without the added rigors of a study abroad program.

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The UCF-specific dating website Dateabl has officially launched and is now open to the public, said Dateabl founder Richie Frost.

Dateabl has been in the works for the past several months and is made specifically for UCF students looking to connect with their fellow Knights.

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