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Caregivers often try to do everything by themselves, which eventually leaves them worn out and unable to fully attend to everything they are expected to do.

Furthermore, ignoring the symptoms of stress can affect physical and mental health and lead to burnout, and make it impossible for the caregiver to continue caring for their loved one.

Our conversation was on standards, and the importance of stabling and reinforcing them to ensure you live your best life. It’s broken down into three parts to make it work for your schedule. Remember God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that we could have life more abundantly. I just am not enjoying some of the dates and/or people, I’m meeting along the way.

Part One: How to Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them Part Two: How To Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them Part Three: How To Reinforce Your Standards and Make Others Respect Them Also, here is Jay’s info to connect with him & the Right To Real Love audience. Xo One of my mottos is to find the funny in every situation. So, at times I find that I have to dig into my “arsenal of secret weapons” to navigate the caregiving waters :). Sometimes you have to find the funny in things, and other times it just jumps out and grabs you.

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Those are few of the openers we’ve heard from family members concerned when their elderly parents start dating again.

In the spirit of the recent Valentine’s Day weekend, I’d like to share some of the observations our in-home caregivers have collected on the topic of senior dating. It’s just as annoying for them now as it was for you then and, more important, they are adults who are allowed to make their own decisions.

That’s a valid concern, but seniors have done a lot of living and know where they are in their lives.Jay’s podcast for Right To Real Love is a Christian Based platform that is a resource for all of us on the journey to be loved the right way. Love moves in ways that we don’t always understand.The Right to Real Love community is very active, and really strives to apply practical tips that can impact every area of our life. Love is patient, blind, and at times completely deaf to the ways of the world :). I’m going to take a little departure from our regularly scheduled program to talk about dating :). I took a break from dating after my Dad passed to get myself together, and focus on my family. I finally feel ready to open myself up to love, and I’m really enjoying this feeling.I was in elementary school when my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.One day she sat me down in the living room at our home in Philadelphia and broke the news. I had no idea what the news meant for her or for me.

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By the time I was in middle school, she was using a cane, then riding in a scooter. When I would see her in a crowd of parents at school or at my dance school, I felt embarrassed.

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