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Not an official translator - just doing this for fun. Well, for starters, you’ll find that in Japan, high-profile celebrities don’t usually end up marrying unless they have a shotgun wedding (which is what happened with Kimura Takuya, and that certainly spiraled out of control).

Matsumoto Jun was the first one who Aya had a relationship with, since they've known each other since middle school.Jun and Yukie's fight also caused Jun to decline accepting the recurring role for Gokusen II and as well as Gokusen the movie.And he was also weirdly tense during 2008's 24Hr TV and Hn A when Yukie guested."Another of Jun's rumored girlfriends! With their supposed affair, a witness claimed that Emi was seen with Matsumoto, drinking in a Shibuya cafe at 1am, and seated quite intimately to each other Actually it all started in early 2007 when a paparazzi took a photo of a kissing couple that resembles Keiko and Matsumoto.If this piece of rumor is announce by the agencies to be true, Matsumoto Jun will join in the happy news with his best pal Oguri shun.If you still does not know, Oguri Shun wife is expecting his first born and according to the Japanese magazine, she is six months pregnant.

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