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But then came World War II, and along with technology (including day-glo colors) and adhesive paper. That somebody was Forest Gill, of Kansas City, Missouri.“He put the idea of the bright colors and the sticky paper together to come up with a bumper sticker,” said Gill’s son-in-law, Mark Gilman, the chairman of Gill Studios, now located in Lenexa, Kansas.1952 was the first real bumper-sticker presidential election: Eisenhower vs. “I’m not so sure that I’m gonna put ‘em on my car, at least not yet,” one customer told Ellis.“I think I’m a little nervous about what might happen.”Automotive free speech can have consequences.

But are this many bumper stickers really necessary?One way of expressing these cute and lovely emotions is by funny love quotes.We often joke around the people we love and care about and in these jokes and taunting words and behind these words there is always a hidden feeling of strong love.It’s very popular now to show off your family by putting different stickers representing each member on your car. Jesus thought of His disciples as His close family.However, Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples’, Judas.

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The optimal thing for families stumbling through transitions is for the kids to have a loving relationship with both of their parents — even if the parents have split — and for all parties to settle down into a daily reality that is stable and balanced.

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